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Negotiation Training

Negotiation is a demanding discipline.

Derived from expertise and experience, it requires support to go ever further, to learn, to grow, and to reveal the negotiator that lies dormant deep within us.

UNITAR and ADN offer certified and widely recognized training courses dedicated to negotiation.

Masterclasses ADN

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Our masterclasses and training courses are available for inter-company and intra-company settings. They are offered in both French and English and can take place either at ADN’s premises in Paris or at a location of your choice.

Complex Negotiation Masterclass

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The negotiations that businesses and governments must conduct have become increasingly complex: uncertainty, time pressure, hidden issues, unfavorable balance of power, threats, ultimatums, complex profiles, bad faith, hidden objectives, refusal to negotiate...and traditional methods may lack effectiveness. The ADN Masterclasses come from an operational and pragmatic approach, drawn from the experience and expertise of ADN Group negotiators. They are aimed at anyone who has to negotiate in their professional activity or in their specialty, whatever their level.

Being a Negotiator

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If negotiation is not gendered, its use differs depending on the context, environments, cultures, history, personality and issues. In this module dedicated to female negotiators, the entire ADN Group approach is built around the transmission, sharing of experiences, practical tools and methods allowing women to have time for themselves, among themselves and to address the concerns they may encounter on a daily basis.

Master in International Leadership and Negotiation

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Partner: Universidad Europea de Valencia (UEV)

The increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) in today’s world means there is no longer one approach to management that can be applied to all organizations and work environments. Leaders must adjust their strategies to be flexible and adapt to various challenges. In this context, UNITAR and the Universidad Europea de Valencia (UEV) have jointly created a Master’s Programme in “International Leadership and Negotiation”. This one-year programme is designed to prepare participants to lead global initiatives for change and provide them with the necessary negotiation skills to positively impact their organization and environment.

Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks

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In the context of developing bilateral contractual relations, negotiation has taken a prominent place as a decision-making and regulation process. Also, the challenge of renewed multilateralism is closely linked to the ability of the international community to foster truly productive negotiation processes in a rapidly evolving global context.

As the main training arm of the UN, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has responded to this challenge with its training initiative, “Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks,” intended to serve the entire community of negotiators, worldwide.

Participants will learn practical skills to enhance their negotiation capacity and lead through situations of deadlock. It will help them improve their negotiation performance in order to obtain better outcomes in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and become brokers of agreements when solutions look impossible. 

This training programme has a duration of 4 weeks, and will be delivered on UNITAR’s e-Learning platform, from 20 May 2024 - 16 June 2024.

Customized Trainings

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UNITAR offers tailor-made training programmes across a wide array of areas, including leadership and negotiation, based on an in-depth assessment of the specific requirements, and learning objectives of the stakeholder(s).

Our training activities, which are offered in three formats: face-to-face, online, and blended (hybrid), provide a variety of benefits for practitioners and organizations:

. Executive skills workshops by high-level UNITAR resource persons and experts in their fields

. Practical skills development for national and international careers

. Unique networking opportunities with UN practitioners and industry experts

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