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Negotiation is at the heart of the UNITAR X ADN collaboration

Since 2018, ADN and UNITAR have closely collaborated. Under the leadership of two negotiators, Rabih El Haddad (UNITAR), and Marwan Mery (ADN), the partnership has grown over the years. Today, whether through training, support, events, the UNITAR x ADN collaboration is centered around the importance of negotiation.

On August 28, 2023, ADN X UNITAR formalized this exceptional partnership in Geneva through the signing of an agreement aimed at expanding the relations and actions between ADN and UNITAR.

Marwan Mery

Marwan Mery maintains very strong links with the United Nations. As a consultant at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, he trains, prepares and supports diplomats around the world in their sensitive negotiations. Furthermore, Marwan Mery is a permanent member of the jury for World Negotiation Day at the UN and the founder of the Negotiation Bulletin, a bulletin dedicated to complex negotiation, co-signed every month by ADN and the UN.

Rabih El Haddad

Rabih El Haddad heads the Multilateral Diplomacy Division which encompasses multilateral negotiation, international law programmes and the Institute's New York office. Among his responsibilities, he plays an essential role at the level of the UN intergovernmental mechanism with the aim of ensuring informed decisions. As a result, he works in close collaboration with Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the directors of different UN entities, ministers in charge of complex international negotiations, as well as members of the private sector. During his long career, he supported major negotiations led by the G77, the LDC Group, the African Group, the SIDC and the GCC.

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